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Final Major Project-1 month to go!!!!

I thought it fitting to write a post about my Final Major Project since that seems to be all I am spending my time working on at the moment!  With just 5 weeks left of my final year at university, I am now in the process of getting my final work completed.  This project combines my research/trend prediction skills with my design skills.  I am creating a trend and then designing a collection from that trend- which like alot of my design work is a lingerie based collection, well more underwear as outerwear.  My collection has a strong leather presence mixed back with soft jerseys, silk, and lace- a winning combo I’m hoping!  There is also a selection of leather accessories to compliment the clothing pieces, which I am looking forward to being made…so I can wear them myself!  I will also do an editorial with a model wearing my pieces.  YES….. I do have a large workload at the moment!